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1. Tell us about your Sewa Day activity / project - what did you do? (any more text beyond 300 words will be truncated)*

2. Which of the three guiding Sewa Day criteria did your project meet? (you may choose more than one)
 Helping to relieve hardship and poverty Protecting the environment Bringing a little joy

3. What short & long term benefits will your activity / project have in the community you conducted it in? (no more than 100 words) *

4. How many volunteers (of what ages) took part and how many people benefited from your activity/project*

5. What makes you particularly proud of this activity / project? (any more text beyond 300 words will be truncated) *

6. How has Sewa Day impacted you, your organisation and your community? Will your project activity continue after Sewa Day and if so how will this be sustained? (any more text beyond 300 words will be truncated) *

7. Have you completed our annual feedback survey? (If not please do take a minute to do so by clicking here)
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